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"Chancers, Dancers and Romancers” - ALL proceeds donated to the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal


Kevin Donnelly is a long term Scotland fan who over the last five decades has followed the team to four World Cups, two European Championships and numerous friendlies.

He has written a book based on four Scotland away games in 1996-97. The book is called Chancers, Dancers and Romancers.

It features two Scotland fans, Kenny Bradley and Gus McSween, as they follow Scotland to Vienna, Riga, Tallinn and Monte Carlo.

This all sounds quite simple apart from the fact a nasty wee posh Scot called Atholl McClackit is looking to kill Kenny; his father-in-law wants Kenny to help with a jewel heist; and his real dad wants to introduce himself into Kenny’s life.

Blending real life Tartan Army antics with a story that could happen to anyone if you think about it, "Chancers, Dancers and Romancers" is a rip-roaring trip around Europe involving drinking, sex, murder, crime and more drinking."

Any passing resemblances to real people is probably deliberate.

A word from the author:-
After a few years since the publication of "One Team in Tallinn", I am happy to announce that I have written a sequel.

The title of the new book is “Chancers, Dancers and Romancers”.

The book is divided into two halves.

If the first half seems familiar to anyone who read the first book, that will be because it IS that book. The second half takes all the main characters, plus a new one, on into 1997 and the game against Estonia in Monaco.

All proceeds from the new version will be donated to the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal. As such, I did not want people buying the old version of "One Team in Tallinn" because the money would not be going to the Sunshine Appeal.

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal is the original and longest established charity funded by Scotland fans, the aim of which is to make a donation to identified children’s charities in every country in which the Scottish National Football Team plays matches. Since 2003, this has been achieved, and is ongoing, without interruption.

I urge you to buy the book and support the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal.


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